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Legislative Updates

Each year, we develop our Legislative Agenda based on feedback from our Business Advocacy Councils and Committees. Our member-developed policies are created after engaging discussion and debate, with input from leading experts and our members.

Need to know what's going on at the Statehouse or City-County Council? Our Business Advocacy team provides updates to important bills, issues and policies in the Indy Chamber's Monday Morning Memo and other communications.

Zombies and Survivors

Posted by chamberadmin on March 31, 2017

It’s an apocalyptic headline for what’s actually been a pretty good week at the Statehouse.  Some good ideas came back from the grave; other key principles of our legislative agenda survived to keep trudging towards conference committee.  At this point in the session, we all feel a little like the Walking Dead – and we’re watching for unexpected plot twists before the session winds down in a few weeks.