Indy Chamber Voice

At the Indy Chamber, we are committed to improving the Indianapolis region's future workforce, business climate and surrounding communities. We have a seasoned team of lobbyists on the ground—both at the Statehouse and the City-County Building—to give you a voice. We take practical positions on issues such as education, local government, government reform, mass transportation and green business. And we use a pragmatic approach to ensure progress.

Key ways you can be a part of the discussion include:

Business Advocacy Team

Your Indy Chamber Business Advocacy team represents you in decisions that directly affect your business and community. We understand that today's professionals are busy with everyday responsibilities and may find it difficult to be active in public policy discussions.

Political Action Committee

The Indy Chamber's Political Action Committee works to enhance the implementation of Indy Chamber public policy priorities through political involvement. The PAC is bipartisan, supporting both Democrats and Republicans whose stance on the issues align with the Indy Chamber's legislative agenda.

Global Indy Initiative

In 2013, the Indy Chamber merged with the World Trade Club of Indiana, officially launching the Global Indy initiative. Global Indy is designed to educate and assist local companies looking to expand into international markets as well as connect international companies with local opportunities. This strategic approach intensifies the Indy Chamber's focus on growing the region's international footprint and efforts to increase our impact on the global economy both here and abroad.

Political Events

As part of the Indy Chamber's responsibility to advocate for our members and the community, we offer unique access to events and educational programs to connect you with elected officials. Check out our current event calendar to find an upcoming event.