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Investing in Advocacy

Posted by jpellman on July 3, 2014

Indy Chamber members have an influential political ally in the Business Advocacy Committee.

While many Indy Chamber members play an active role in our advocacy efforts, those who aren't up on what's happening on both ends of Market Street should know they have a friend in the Indy Chamber's Business Advocacy Committee (BAC).

The BAC is bipartisan in every sense of the word with board members leaning Left, Right and everywhere in between. As leaders in business, law and government relations, BAC members put aside their own allegiances to support any pro-business candidate -- regardless of political label.

While the BAC most often gets involved in regional legislative races, it also plays a role in critical county-wide Indianapolis municipal elections, IPS school board races and policy campaigns that affect the local business community.

Through the generous support of Indy Chamber members, the BAC has raised over 60 percent of its fundraising goal for 2014, but we still have a long road ahead in order to maximize the effect of the Indianapolis regional business community on the political process.  We encourage all of our members to contribute to the BAC as we work together to advocate for issues and candidates that have the best interestof business in mind.

If you want to learn more or are interested in contributing to the BAC, visit or contact Indy Chamber Political Affairs Manager Troy Montigney at tmontigney(at) or 317.464.2215.