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Ladies and Gentlemen ... Start Your Business!

Posted by jpellman on March 11, 2014

It’s a fast paced world out there and every day, the Indy Chamber meets budding entrepreneurs eager to get into the game and start their own business. From startup tech companies and consulting firms to floral shops and bakeries, Indy is open for business and we are here to help get you started.

The Indy Chamber is the region's leading business organization, creating a thriving business environment with growth opportunities for our members. We accomplish this through networking opportunities, savings programs, advocacy, and a network of nearly 3,000 businesses to help you succeed. In addition to helping you grow your business, the Indy Chamber works tirelessly to enhance our community – cultivating an economic climate prime for helping your business prosper. There's no doubt about it; membership in the Indy Chamber pays dividends.

With our exclusive Startup Membership, you receive your first year’s membership FREE! Discounted membership rates continue through your third year with the Indy Chamber.

Just follow these 3 easy steps to get started!

  • Register your business with the Indiana Secretary of State
    • Once your business is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State, you are considered a bona-fide business in the State of Indiana. Any business registered within the last 12 months is eligible.
  • Meet with a business coach
    • Business Ownership Initiative, a program of the Indy Chamber, provides endless resources, educational workshops and microloans to small businesses. Make an appointment with one of our business coaches who will help you identify solutions to challenges and additional resources for growth. There is no cost for this session.
  • Get connected with a Membership Relations Manager
    • We will connect you to a Membership Relations Manager who will be able to walk you through the membership application, tell you more about membership benefits and go over any questions you may have.

Learn more at or call us today at 317-464-2200.