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Putting the Party in Political Party

Posted by jpellman on August 19, 2014

What do you get when you merge politics, fashion and music? HobNob of course! At the 15th annual Indy Chamber HobNob, we are putting the party in politics and teaming up with Oranje, Indy Jazz Fest, and Pattern to bring more entertainment to this year’s election cycle.

As always, we will reach across party lines and bring together the region’s best and brightest political leaders and cultural influencers. HobNob’s Election Showcase will shine a spotlight on candidates for local, county, statewide, and federal offices as Democrats and Republicans candidates who hope to influence policies for the good of Hoosiers.

New this year, in an effort to highlight the Indy Chamber’s cultural, entrepreneurial, and economic development efforts, we are partnering with Pattern to present a Fashion Showcase. This high-fashion event will feature some of the Circle City’s most talented and creative designers, stylists, and artists. They will work with political party and elected officials to create ensembles that best reflect the candidates’ personalities.

Trust us; this is a party you won’t want to miss! Learn more and register today at